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Hi, my name is Stefan aka Brickmasta. Born in 1983 I was a fan of Lego when I was a child and got some pretty cool sets… until I got older and was not interested any more. The “dark ages” began and I fortunately stored all my Lego stuff at my grandparents.

And then in 2013, at my 30th birthday, I surprisingly got a small Lego Turtles set “for fun” as a present… and I was back out of the dark ages. This got me infected again 🙂

I live in Austria and we have 2 Lego Stores here I love to visit on a regular basis!

Lego Store Opening

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  1. Dude, I love your short story about getting back into Lego because it’s so similar to my own. I too lost interest around the time I hit my teens. I got excited when I found out about the Lego Batman partnership in 2006 (and bought most of those sets) but then went another few years before I got bit really hard by the bug. I’m 32 and was 30 (2013) when I also got a set “for fun” that somehow roped me back in. Also, I uncovered my original 2006 batcave that had gotten stuffed in a box because the last few apartments I lived in didn’t really have room to display. I now have a house and am totally into it. Modulars and DC are all I collect because I have limited funds. Haven’t tried building my own sets though… I love that you did the batwing and might buy the instructions some day soon. I looks awesome.

  2. Hello Stefan! I was wondering, are the plans for the lego movie batwing still available? Im a huge batman fan and i would love to be able to build my own lego batwing. Thanks in advance!

    Shawn H.

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