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Hi, my name is Stefan aka Brickmasta. Born in 1983 I was a fan of Lego when I was a child and got some pretty cool sets… until I got older and was not interested any more. The “dark ages” began and I fortunately stored all my Lego stuff at my grandparents.

And then in 2013, at my 30th birthday, I surprisingly got a small Lego Turtles set “for fun” as a present… and I was back out of the dark ages. This got me infected again 🙂

I live in Austria and we have 2 Lego Stores here I love to visit on a regular basis!

Lego Store Opening

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dude, I love your short story about getting back into Lego because it’s so similar to my own. I too lost interest around the time I hit my teens. I got excited when I found out about the Lego Batman partnership in 2006 (and bought most of those sets) but then went another few years before I got bit really hard by the bug. I’m 32 and was 30 (2013) when I also got a set “for fun” that somehow roped me back in. Also, I uncovered my original 2006 batcave that had gotten stuffed in a box because the last few apartments I lived in didn’t really have room to display. I now have a house and am totally into it. Modulars and DC are all I collect because I have limited funds. Haven’t tried building my own sets though… I love that you did the batwing and might buy the instructions some day soon. I looks awesome.

  2. Hi, just wondering if you were going to make instructions for the master builder arena in cloud kookoo land? Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you.

  3. Hello Stefan! I was wondering, are the plans for the lego movie batwing still available? Im a huge batman fan and i would love to be able to build my own lego batwing. Thanks in advance!

    Shawn H.

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