Directly Out of Lego Games – A “reverse engineering” story

I often get asked how it was possible to get my Lego “The Batwing” from The Lego Movie nearly identical to the movie version. The “secret” is one of my favorite Lego Games of all times: The Lego Movie Video Game.

This game is just as awesome as the movie and gives you the possibility to see all the places and explore all the locations you see in the movie. Plus it comes with a lot of bonus that you do not see or discover in the Movie itself.


So why is it the most important and best of all the Lego Games for me? Because one of the bonus instructions in there is the Golden Instruction for “The Batwing”. Now a lot of you might think that this is a full instruction I just used to build it quick and easy… you could not be more surprised that in this Lego Game instruction, all you see are a few very quick and rushed steps, the focus is on finding and adding missing pieces.

For example you can take a look at this clip on youtube to see how it works:

As you can see, there is actually not much to see. So what I did is building this instruction over and over again, countless times, day in and out. I also tried to snap screenshots using a third party program (because it is not possible to do so in this Lego Game) and recorded my own video in higher resolution to see more details.


It helped me more than the movie scenes did, and I can say that this game helped me a lot in reverse engineering “The Batwing” and get the build finished (which still took 2 months, countless sleepless nights thinking about various parts plus buying around 900 parts to finish this 1400 part model).

But besides that, it is not the only reason why this is one of the greatest Lego Games ever made. It includes a lot of scenes from the movie, some of the levels are a lot of fun to go through, many easter eggs to find and of course it is just super awesome to fly around with Superman or Green Lantern and then jump back to Benny the Spaceman or Wildstar and give those robots a fair beating!!