Next Lego Project – TDKR Batmobile

So since my Batwing is finished and everything is set up as I wanted it, I was thinking a lot about my next project. Of course, i still have the UCS Turtle Partywagon still in early stages but lacking a lot of needed parts. And honestly, I do not want to buy another load at again this early after the big orders for the Batwing.

Since I have so many black bricks sorted together I just thought “why not stick with Batman”. I just finished watching the DC Animated Movie “The Dark Knight Returns” after the graphic novel by Frank Miller – and there is another awesome Batmobile in it that blew my mind.

Project - Batmobile Tank

And I want to build it! So this will be my next project, trying to get this one sort of to a minifigure-scale with as many details as possible, including cockpit and Batman minifigure.

Stay tuned for more progress!

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