NoVVember – Starjet Viper

This is my first finished MOC ever since I started again with building Legos this year in September… I really wanted to get into those monthly building events and NnoVVember was perfect.

When I heard of it I kind of thought about the typical shape of a viper and this image of those two wings with the engines popped into my head 🙂 I was then researching in which color they are available and to my fortune there is one single set that was done by Lego out there with exactly those engines… I do not know why I am so fixed on orange and white right now, just loving it and will start continuing my work on my first Mecha in the same color scheme.

Building my first MOC was really a challenge… and at first I wanted to keep it relatively simple because I am not able to do any complicated building techniques. I took some inspiration from around the net and experimented in LDD first. And then ordered on Bricklink and just started building.

SE-83 Starjet Viper

SE-83 Starjet Viper

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