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The Batwing – Instructions are still available

It is my pleasure to still be able to provide you with the instruction booklet for “The Batwing”, especially in time for the new LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 🙂

I have spent over 2 months revers engineering and building this model plus 4 weekends to get the model digitalized and the instruction booklet finished as PDF.

The Batwing - Cockpit Body

You can see all the pictures of the finished Batwing in my FlickR Album here.

Countless hours and massive amounts of sweat and patience were spent to make this possible and available for all you fellow Lego Fans out there.

Please understand that I do not want to give this manual away for free, so I ask you for a small fee to show your appreciation…

How to get the instruction manual?

€ 20,-
 (EURO Twenty)
transfer via PayPal to my E-Mail: stefan.edlinger1@chello.at

If possible please include a short message and your E-Mail to make it easier for me to process your request. The PDF will then be sent via wetransfer.com because of its file-size, and to limit the availability of the link.

Can I buy the Batwing as a full set?

Yes you can! If you want you can buy a full custom BATWING Lego Set via my partner ebay-shop, find the latest listing under this link and check it out. It includes all parts and the instructions for you to start building immediately after you receive it!

Please understand that this instruction PDF is just for your private use, please do not send it to other persons or upload it to any website / publish it anywhere – Duplication / Changing this PDF is strictly prohibited.

The Batwing – Instruction Sprint

Well after countless of hours rebuilding “The Batwing” in the Bricksmith APP I am nearing the finish line.  I have integrated a few improvements and changed some parts, especially in the inner structure and cockpit for more stability.

But I have to be honest,  the first pages and first steps when building this massive creation will be a bit unstable and testing your patience, but once you passed those steps it will get better and better.

And I really hope that it won’t be to complicated, although I trust you fellow AFOLs out there to manage it quite nicely and I am sure that some of you maybe even find more ways of improving its structure and stability when building it.

Instruction Progress