The Batwing – Instruction Sprint

Well after countless of hours rebuilding “The Batwing” in the Bricksmith APP I am nearing the finish line.  I have integrated a few improvements and changed some parts, especially in the inner structure and cockpit for more stability.

But I have to be honest,  the first pages and first steps when building this massive creation will be a bit unstable and testing your patience, but once you passed those steps it will get better and better.

And I really hope that it won’t be to complicated, although I trust you fellow AFOLs out there to manage it quite nicely and I am sure that some of you maybe even find more ways of improving its structure and stability when building it.

Instruction Progress

5 thoughts on “The Batwing – Instruction Sprint”

    1. Sure, I will export this using LPub to a PDF with hopefully all steps clearly visible… first time I do this so it will take some more days but you should have a few hundred pages of PDF instructions when you buy it. Just thinking about the price maybe something around €15 – €20 for the countless hours and amount of work I put in this…

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