The Batwing – LEGO Instruction PDF

The instruction booklet for “The Batwing” is finally finished and available. I have spent over 2 months revers engineering and building this model plus 4 weekends to get the model digitalized and the instruction booklet finished as PDF.



Countless hours and massive amounts of sweat and patience were spent to make this possible and available for all you fellow Lego Fans out there.

The manual features 84 steps on 188 pages including close to 1400 parts with a full detailed list for you to order.


Please understand that I do not want to give this manual away for free, so I ask you for a small fee to show your appreciation…

How to get the instruction manual?

€ 15,-
 (EURO Fifteen)
transfer via PayPal to my E-Mail:

If possible please include a short message and your E-Mail to make it easier for me to process your request. The PDF will then be sent via because of its file-size, and to limit the availability of the link. I am doing this in my private spare time, so because of this and different timezones it may take up to 24h until you receive the link for downloading the PDF.

Please understand that this instruction PDF is just for your private use, please do not send it to other persons or upload it to any website / publish it anywhere – Duplication / Changing this PDF is strictly prohibited.

Attention – this is my first PDF instruction ever. If there are any challenges for you when building or anything is unclear please do not hesitate to contact me via FlickR or E-Mail. There may be future updates happening to this instruction PDF, so if you already bought it you will get the update for free of course!

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  1. Hey brickmasta I love what you’ve done man and I’m am completely willing to play you 15 euros (which comes out to like $20 US dollars). Honestly. I’ve reverse engineered some small stuff from Lego games as such before and I know how hard it is. And I’m taking about like a bat cycle. You deserve your twenty bucks if not more. One thing though. I was wondering if there is anyway I could see. A list of the pieces used in it so that way I know I’m not wasting my money. Cause I don’t make too much and twenty bucks is a bit much to spend if I don’t have the pieces. I understand if you don’t want to but I just figured I’d ask. I mean if I do have te pieces I’d pay you in a heartbeat for the instructions. Thanks for reading all this I know it’s long. Big fan of what you’ve done. Amazed to be exact. Please get back to me if you can

    Best regards,
    Dayne Cakerri
    New Jersey USA

  2. Hi there,
    Much like Daynw C I’d love to see a parts list. I know I won’t have everything but want to work out the costs and then would be more than happy to pay for the instructions once I have saved up! 🙂 Thanks for your help.


    I’m a Lego fan and stop motion animator, and I would be interesting to know if you were working in a PDF for he Lego Movie Batmobile 🙂 YEAH! Your Batwing is awesome!!

    Adri o_O!

  4. Wow dude your creations are amazing! Two questions, does your Animated Series Batmobile fit a minifig, and could you make instructions for it by any chance? It’d be amazing!

    1. Unfortunately not and I am not quite happy with the design of it, so I just took it apart… will make a revised version with instructions soon. Thank you so much for your comment, keep on building 🙂

  5. How can I get the instructions for your Batwing and how do I get parts to make it? This will be my first legos project. And do you have various pics of your batwing project? Are all the parts expensive? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Fredrick, just as described via PayPal 🙂 When I receive your transfer I send it to you including the part list. Mostly I used “standard” bricks just a few are special, none of them are rare so you should get them pretty easily on or maybe you already have a lot 🙂

  6. This will be my first major lego build….so it will be a new thing for me .but I was watching the lego movie with my 8 month old and he loved it. I am a long time batman fan and when I seen the batwing I was stoked. So I really wanted to build this and since lego does not have one in production yet and may never put one in production. I really want one.

  7. I’ve almost got the main fuselage done and it looks fantastic using your instructions! The completed fuselage is very strong and very “lego-like”. I admit I was a little worried in the beginning, but now it is very solid. The instructions read just like real lego instructions. They have been great. I’ve only noticed 2 spots where the “pre-stage” piece count is off by 1. Also, I replaced (3) 2×10 plates with (1) 6×10 plate early in the fuselage construction to help make things a little more sturdy. The instructions have been well worth the 15 euro!

  8. Nice work on the batwing brickmasta. I would like to purchase the pdf instructions you created, but was wondering if I could as a few questions.

    1. What would be a good batman kit to buy to get the figure that is like the one in the Lego movie as well as getting some of the pieces needed for your design?

    2. What is a rough estimate of how much all the pieces needed to build this will cost.

    3. I see someone on ebay is selling your instructions as well as all the pieces to build it for $299 us dollars. Is this a good price?

    Thanks for the help, my kids will be thrilled with this if I can piece all the needed items together.


    1. Hi Terry, thx for your comment.

      1. You can buy, for example, the new set 70815 – Police Dropship, some nice black parts but also the batman minifig 🙂
      2. I used mostly really standard bricks and plates, only a few special / technic parts so you can get them pretty easy via bricklink if you do not posses most of them
      3. Yes, partnership with the ebay shop, he is basically getting all the parts for you together, packed, and shipped so it is a great price and opportunity to get it the easy way 🙂

      If you need anything else just write me 😉

  9. Hello

    I am not sure if my last comment posted so I am sorry if I send a duplicate.

    Could you send me a parts list to the batwing so I could see what parts I have and the others I need to pick up.

    I was also wondering if you had finished the Batmobile form the lego move?

    Do you have any plans on creating instructions for the big fig version of Cyborg from Lego Batman 3. Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.

    1. Yes exactly, I teamed up with this ebay seller because he has a lot of experience and excellent service. He is getting all parts and puts them together to this set, so you get everything you need from one source to build your own BATWING 🙂

  10. Hi,

    My son has been checking the shops for the lego movie batwing ever since he saw the movie. Your guide sounds amazing, but as with others I would love to know the cost/list of the parts needed and if possible the link where I can access the partnership you have who offers your guide and the parts.

    We are both quite excited about making this!


  11. Yo! Super love the design! i want! I have a question though. Do I have to sign up for wetransfer plus to get the instructions?

    Or will the normal wetransfer membership suffice? I might go for the ebay package =D

    Please also do TLM Batmobile next =)

    So excited!

    1. Hey, thank you 🙂 Wetransfer is completely for free you do not even need to sign up for anything, you get a link for downloading the package that is all 🙂 But you can also go for the ebay package to save you all the time and stress of gathering the parts 🙂

      1. AWESOME! I’ll go with the ebay listing pre-order next week! =D

        One last question sir =) Does your patners ebay listing LEGO MOVIE CUSTOM BATWING SET + BATMAN MINIFIG w/ instructions & parts BW1 also include the flame parts for the engines? =)

        More power! =D

  12. I am looking forward to building it, but could you send me a list of parts? I’m trying to figure out how much the cost of ordering the needed bricks. After I figure that out i’m more than happy to buy the PDF after i sort that out.

  13. Hello!
    I saw this a while back, and was really interested, but forgot to bookmark the link. D’oh!

    I just saw the ebay auction, and it reminded me of this, searched brickmasta and it popped up pretty quickly.

    I plan to submit a payment for the instructions as soon as I finish typing this, I would really like a parts list as well (I think you said you made one) if possible.
    I do most of my part collecting on Brick Owl, but honestly I probably have most everything to build this 🙂

    One final question, did you ever work out how to convert this into the Lego Movie version of the Batmobile?

    Hey, thanks for all the work you put into this, hats off.

    I’m going to go submit a Paypal payment 🙂

  14. Hi Brickmasta,
    Your job is incredible, really good work.
    I saw you were also planning the batmobile (Lego Movie Version),
    I would be interested in both projects
    I own the whole collection ” Lego Movie “, but , I can not understand why the Lego Company did not even these 2 sets that I think are extraordinary.
    How can we do?

  15. Hi Brickmasta,

    I am seriously interested, but if you dont mind giving me the list of parts first, so I can estimate the cost to build this awesome batwing.

    Thank you,

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